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I have managed Account Funds worth $500,000 along with imparting Forex and Cryptocurrency know-how amongst various people.

‘Think & Grow Rich’, Forex Trading is the New Avenue to Explore!

Following this philosophy to the core, “Subhasish Sahoo” envisions to promulgate Forex Trading Knowledge via courses like Forex signals, bank trading course, account management, etc. for people who are interested in trading. Subhasish is a professional Forex trader and an expert in fund management.

Subhasish Sahoo


Introduction: On top of being an extrovert, I possess an inert ability to help people. I am passionate about meeting different people from different places. Travelling for me is like a salvation. I take inspiration from the places I have visited, and that’s why my journey inspires me a lot. I deem myself a fitness enthusiast. I love to inculcate and follow a healthy lifestyle in order to enrich my personal and professional space with good thoughts. This has helped me stay on top of my game in terms of mental stability and overall work efficiency. I was able to connect with like-minded people because of this trait of mine.

Fitness has always helped me sculpt my inner-self. It plays a significant role in everyone’s life, beautifying their attributes and brings in confidence to battle with different aspects of the competitive environment. Through fitness, I aim to deliberately channelize the passion I possess and deliver it to the world by competing for Mr India. With the accomplishment in fitness, I intend to work towards mental peace and healthy living for commendable success in every walk of life.

As I come from humble beginnings, my dream to achieve greatness was a muse for an opportunity to do something better. That’s why education for me was of utmost importance. I dedicatedly completed my B.Tech in Computer Science. I also joined a software company to pursue my career as a software engineer, yet I was never satisfied with the rat race. Inside politics was never meant for me, and so I decided to walk away from the corporate slavery. I left a cozy job and went on to follow my dreams of helping others succeed in securing their financial position in society.



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Distinguished Offerings:

  • He delivers all types of forex trading courses, including Forex Signals, Bank Trading Course, Account Management, etc.
  • Indulge into the exciting journey of forex trading via learning through the best videos, ebooks, and other study materials available.
  • He caters to you with 80-90% accuracy in forex signal service and min 2000PIP/month.
  • His courses cover all the fund management activities with a monthly profit of 5 to 20% on your capitals.

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Forex Trading Signal Training
Full Time

While figuring out his capabilities, Subhasish invested in a few of the online programs for starters. Although, it didn’t prove to be an eventful beginning. ‘Failure leads to Success,’ and with this attitude, he started gaining knowledge about online marketing. This was the event where his fate entangled with Forex for the first time. The idea of Forex seemed pretty interesting to subhasish, and so he fared on the journey towards forex trading.

Asset Management Services
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Initially, Subhasish invested in smaller sums, where he kept losing money. This didn’t falter his zeal to invest more and sustain losses. He then realized that relevant knowledge is necessary to survive in the forex trading market. “As we all know knowledge is power, I deduced the challenge in my trading practices and took corrective measures,” says Subhasish. This time when he invested with a more significant amount, heaven’s divine power was with him, and he secured a considerable amount of profit.

Forex Trader
Full Time

In three months, Subhasish gained $700 of profit with zero risks, and that’s where his paths changed towards becoming a prominent name in the Forex trading market. He shifted to Bangkok in 2018 to accomplish his desired milestones, and then his career endeavours started in 2019 with a huge profit mark-up of $200,000.

What I am passionate about?

Provide Forex Training

Deals with all types of forex trading courses, including Forex Signals, Bank Trading Course, Account Management, etc. I believe in catering to people with extensive training that helps enhance their trading skills and business virtue.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

As a fitness enthusiast, I always motivate people to enhance their health and make positive changes in their lifestyle. I aim to spread mental health awareness with my practices to ensure every individual's personal growth as well as the future one.

Special Attention towards Traveling

I like travelling, and I suggest everyone to do the same. Not only does travelling brings peace to the mind, but it rejuvenates body and soul, which is suitable for the overall development of the personality one possesses. I am a strong advocate of getaways and work-trips.


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